30 August 2022
Creating a Conversational Masterpiece: Before the Chat

By: Victoria Lieber
September 1, 2022

You mean to say there is work to do before a shopper even sends you a message?

Yes! You didn’t just start approaching customers in-store on your first day, right? You don’t have a footrace to see who can greet your in-store shoppers the fastest, and you don’t ignore shoppers when they walk in the door, do you? No, you trained and you prepared and your team set a process so that your shopper is greeted and treated with the top-most experience.

Before any good interaction you expect to have, you should be prepared, regardless if the conversation happens online or offline. Remember, we’re going for masterpieces, here.


Main Goal: Build Your Dream Team. 🙌



You’ll need to do some prep work and assign resources to help manage your online chat. Here are some of our top tips:


Dedicated Resources to Serve Your Online Shopper

Have a dedicated person or team to monitor live chats on the website as they happen. This person can jump into chats when necessary and help customers with more complicated questions or requests.

Plus, chats often turn into leads. How often? Our research shows over 40% of the chats we handle (we’re talking actual leads with an exchange of personal information) convert. You wouldn’t greet someone walking into your store and let them leave before they spoke to a salesperson, would you? Why would you do that on your website? These are your shoppers! As nice as it is to have a capable, qualified, highly trained staff of chat agents like we have at Gubagoo, there is no replacing your highly skilled sales team’s knowledge and selling ability. Put your skilled team to use online as well.


Spend Time Training for This Opportunity

Spend time training your team, attend training sessions with your chat platform provider, and make sure that everyone knows how to get the most out of the platform.

Aren’t sure if your provider offers training to make you a more effective and efficient chat communicator? Ask them! We, for example, have an assigned customer success manager for each one of our dealership partners and love nothing more than getting to make each of those partners more prepared to meet their shoppers needs.


Commit to a Process that Works for You

Commit to a system or process that works for your team. Making it “official” leaves less room for error or miscommunication within your team.

Hot tip: do you have some stragglers who still don’t believe they need to bother monitoring online chats for leads? You can strive for 100% commitment from your team by highlighting the successes that you do have, and show any non-believers the facts.


Utilize the Tools at Your Fingertips

Literally at your fingertips – turn on your notifications so you never miss a chat!

Gubagoo enables dealerships with the most convenient and effective ways to get notified when there’s a shopper that meets your process or criteria to have a salesperson jump into a chat. This is a key component that makes you able to serve customers without staring at a screen or an app all day. Oh, and there are more enabling secrets to make your process a breeze 😉. You’ll just have to ask.



Why listen to us?

We’ve been experts in the industry for over a decade, and just last year we handled over 12 million chats and produced over 5 million leads. No matter what tool you use, these tips will help you build the foundations of your conversational masterpiece.


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