1 March 2023
Gubagoo Enhances Its Virtual Retailing Platform, Creates Greater Flexibility with Third Party Tool

Integrations between Gubagoo Virtual Retailing and KBB ICO are now live for dealers seeking to harness this powerful of this combination.

February 2, 2023 – Gubagoo, the leading provider of digital retailing and conversation commerce for automotive dealerships, announced today an integration with Kelly Blue Book Instant Cash Offer that allows dealerships using Gubagoo’s Virtual Retailing to provide guaranteed trade in valuations. As a result, customers will no longer have to worry about paying the difference between an estimated value and the actual value for their trade.

“It’s clear that both parties want a guaranteed trade-in amount for the vehicle in question. For dealerships, it presents a better experience for the customer; and for the customer, it ensures there are no changes or surprises when they get to the dealership,” said Brad Title, president of Gubagoo.

“The integration between Gubagoo VR and KBB ICO seamlessly allows dealers to infuse that level of service directly into the online buying process, and is another example of our continued investment into reducing friction points for both car buyers and sellers in today’s evolving landscape.”

With this integration, Gubagoo once more enhances the flexibility of its Virtual Retailing platform, further cementing it as a critical component in supporting all types of buyers whether they are online, in-store, or a combination of both.

About Gubagoo
Gubagoo is the leading provider of conversational commerce and retail solutions for both automotive dealerships and OEMs. More than 8,500 dealerships worldwide partner with Gubagoo, including 90% of the top dealer groups in the U.S. (Gubagoo.com)

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