24 February 2021
Gubagoo Receives Top Honors at the AWA Awards

Brian Pasch Presents Gubagoo with Digital Retailing and Messaging Product Awards, and the Coveted ‘Vanguard’ Award for Industry Innovation

Boca Raton, FL (February 24, 2021) — Gubagoo – the leading provider of digital retailing and messaging solutions for automotive dealerships – received three awards at the AWA Award Ceremony held last evening, hosted by automotive industry luminary, Brian Pasch.

Two product recognition awards, for Gubagoo’s Virtual Retailing and ChatSmart products, were presented, along with the special presentation of the Vanguard Award.

The Vanguard Award is described by Brian Pasch as the “most coveted award” at the AWAs. The award recognizes breakthrough innovation in the automotive industry, and acknowledges Gubagoo for best-in-class leadership and products.

“I love the direction, the passion, and the innovation, year after year, that’s been coming out of this company,” Pasch said as delivering the award. “I want to congratulate the entire team at Gubagoo for receiving a Vanguard award. The auto industry needs your passion and innovation.”

“Gubagoo is laser focused on doing whatever it takes to do what’s best for the dealer,” said Pasch. “That includes innovating messaging, and unifying customer contact. And then, as digital retailing emerged, evolving the company with strategic tools and partnerships that give their customers a competitive edge.”

Earlier in the evening, Gubagoo took home an AWA Product Award for Virtual Retailing. Gubagoo’s digital retailing platform received a special distinction as a “Conversational Commerce Leader.”

Fully integrated with Gubagoo’s messaging platform, Virtual Retailing has been a market leader since its introduction in early 2019. Virtual Retailing provides a true, end-to-end car-buying experience, and features live assistance throughout the process. 

Gubagoo’s Virtual Retailing is the most robust digital retailing platform available on the market today, and includes real-time, data-driven trade-in values, VIN-specific F&I products personalized to the driver, an automotive loan marketplace with hundreds of lenders, online contracting and eSignature.

“[Gubagoo’s platform] is making breakthroughs in lead conversions, and are unique in their success story—if we can start conversations online, we have a better chance of creating a first impression,” said Pasch, as he presented the award. “I’m very excited for the team at Gubagoo. They are focused on starting conversations whenever the consumer is ready, whatever channel they want, plus, they are adding world-class integrations with F&I, video, and messaging.”

“Virtual Retailing is a great platform, and it’s amazing to see how fast [Gubagoo] has been growing because of the excellent technology. Congratulations on this recognition as a conversational commerce leader.”

An AWA Product Award was also presented for ChatSmart, Gubagoo’s website chat and omnichannel messaging platform.

Gubagoo has continued to innovate ChatSmart over the past year, introducing custom automations called LivePlays, and surpassing 100 out-of-the-box third-party integrations to leading technology applications including Facebook Marketplace and Messenger, Google My Business, Apple Business Chat, WhatsApp, and many of the automotive marketplaces. 

“Gubagoo is a leader in conversational commerce, for dealers who are looking for world-class communication tools that can engage their customers,” Pasch said as he presented the award for ChatSmart. “The team at Gubagoo has done an amazing job of creating smart communication tools to engage shoppers across all messaging platforms.”

More than 7,000 dealerships, including 90% of the top 150 automotive dealer groups in America, use Gubagoo’s chat, texting, behavioral marketing, and digital retailing tools to build trust with customers, generate higher quality opportunities, and sell more cars.

“We are humbled and deeply honored by these recognitions from Brian and the AWA Awards,” said Brad Title, CEO of Gubagoo. “Our team is passionate about real, authentic innovation that is closely tied to dealer’s true needs and delivering a great customer experience. The recognition of our innovation with the Vanguard Award has sent ripples of excitement and pride through the company, for which we are grateful.”

“We want to thank Brian and the staff at BPE Research for this vote of confidence with tonight’s awards,” Title concluded. “With passionate support and a strong focus on innovation, we intend to continue to wow the automotive industry, and help grow dealership’s online sales.”


About Gubagoo

Gubagoo is the leading provider of conversational commerce and retail solutions for both automotive dealerships and OEMs. Used by more than 7,000 dealerships worldwide, and over 90% of the top 150 dealer groups in America, Gubagoo’s messaging platform instantly connects consumers to dealerships through live chat, text, video, Facebook Messenger, and other digital messaging channels, converting high quality leads, appointments, and sales for dealerships. 

Gubagoo’s Virtual Retailing platform provides an end-to-end buying experience on dealership websites. Customers are able to buy a car online with real-time support from dealership personnel, and have the vehicle delivered at the dealership or their door. For more information, visit gubagoo.com.

About the AWA Awards

The AWAs were created in 2008 to recognize the best vendors in automotive digital marketing. Since then, the AWAs have become a benchmark in the automotive industry for recognizing innovative products in digital retailing, marketing automation, sales process, dealer websites, online merchandising, fixed operations, social media, and more. For the first time in its 13-year history, the AWA awards were presented virtually. Over 1,000 dealers, vendors, and OEM representatives registered to attend the online award ceremony held on February 23, 2021. 

About Brian Pasch 

Brian Pasch, Founder of PCG Companies and Brian Pasch Enterprises (BPE), has been actively involved with automotive franchise dealers since 2005. Brian has authored nine bestselling books for the automotive industry: “Remote Retailing Blueprint,” “Just Faster,” “Automotive Marketing Playbook,” “Who Sold It?,” “Swimming with Digital Sharks,” “Mastering Automotive Digital Marketing,” “Selling Cars in a Digital Age,” Unfair Advantage,” and “Hyper-Local Marketing for Automotive Retail.” 

Brian is an active conference speaker, 20 Group presenter, and coach to both dealers and members of the vendor community. He has presented workshops at NADA, Digital Dealer, DCDW, Driving Sales Executive Summit, Kain Automotive Workshops, Innovative Dealer Summit, Automotive Engagement Conferences, Automotive Boot Camp, AutoCon, VinWorx, TrueCar Dealer Summits, and the Digital Marketing Strategies Conference. Brian is Google Analytics certified and PCG is a Google Premium Partner company.

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