19 January 2023
Hot Off the Press: An Exclusive Look at NADA 2023 🔥

By: Victoria Lieber
January 19, 2023


The biggest event of the year is upon us again! 🤩


NADA is in Dallas this year, and we have been working hard to improve our solutions for you and your dealership.


The past 12 months have been packed with new feature releases, brand-new integrations, and new partnerships. If you haven’t been paying attention, now is a perfect time. We’re confident you will love what we show you at NADA this year. 😉


In case you want a little sneak peek of what’s to come, we’ve put together a few highlights for you that we will share at NADA 2023!


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Don’t Miss These 5 Things at Booth #2509


1: ERA Calc integration


Now that Virtual Retailing has teamed up with Reynolds and Reynolds DMS, we have created an even more powerful retailing experience that will benefit both you and your customers. 


Do you love the sound of “penny-perfect payments?”


With the ERA calc system, the payments generated online will always match what’s in-store, meaning a more transparent buying experience for dealers and customers. 


Finally, payments that match! 🤑


2: Virtual Retailing goes mobile


The wait is over: Virtual Retailing is now available in our mobile app. 📱


Now you can jump in and guide your customers through a sale while you’re on the go. What’s not to love? 💙


You can do so much from the mobile app, like:

  • Manage your deals
  • View customer info
  • View deal previews
  • View chat history
  • Chat with VR customers


To download the new app, look for Gubagoo in the App Store and Google Play Store.


3: F&I Menu redesign


Out with the old, in with the new. 🧹


Our redesigned F&I menu allows your customers to complete their deals how they want to, whether online, in-store, or a mixture of both.


Did we mention that dealers using our updated F&I tools are seeing an average of up to 2.75x more revenue per deal? 😉


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4: Offer Builder


Offer Builder, our newly updated virtual desking tool, lets you quickly build, update, and send multiple comprehensive deals to customers with just a few clicks. 😍


Every deal is a unique offer, so you can customize it based on criteria like down payment, mileage, and more! 


Using Offer Builder, you and your customer can compare options in one easy-to-navigate view, whether they are online or in-store.


5: In-store Experience


What if we told you that your online car-buying process could match exactly what you have in-store? 🤔


Gubagoo’s In-store Experience provides one unified experience for car buyers whether they’re shopping online, at home, or live in the dealership. 


Available on iPad, Desktop, kiosk, and more, it’s easy to start, continue, or complete a car buyer’s deal regardless of where they left off.


In-store Experience provides a fast, convenient, and transparent car buying experience that you and your customers will love. 😍



Well, what are you waiting for? 👀

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